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ok so I was at this talking stage with a guy(let's call me A)like we used to call each other friends like a little more than that once he asked me if he had any chances on me it was the first day when we started talking so I said not rn and later time passed we used to chat daily and on call later after 5months of talking he told me about his ex bc "us talking" was now spreading in our school and someone asked me if A proposed to me I had an argument with that someone who asked me and told A about everything then he told me about his ex that he had a gf like for a month in april(when we started talking) I was devastated like he used to compliment me text me daily ask me how my day was when he already had a gf he told he he had an toxic relationship his gf used to talk to many guys and his gf find out about me and he(A) told her my name and later she asked for time and they broke up now I felt like I was used. Used to make his gf jealous when he said he used his ex as an time pass help

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