Hopelessness towards life
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Hello i am new i hope everybody doing well, and now i will tell my story short and smart, i am a office clerk, 26 year old and alone virgin i never date anyone because i feel fear and anxiety of communicating and talking to others since childhood and i don't have friends or sports (swimming) after covid, i dont know why and i was desperate and loss my life savings on future binance and i am almost losing my job and also mustarbating and after years of mustarbation and porn but now don't feel anything for woman in movies video that feel extremely fake and in reality i can't or don't want to aproch anyone, i can't see anything also same for money and always feels goals or ambition like useless alway fail don't want to try and feelslike death is a good option but i don't have courage to do that so i hope someone tells me how to die easily. I hope this not to offend anyone i am Extremely sorry, if you r offended please ignore this post same as ant. Thankyou

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