I don't know.....am I right?
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how can I get rid of toxic people........people say me...they asked me for help because I said I will help them....so they don't consider it as a help....my best friend says people hide things still she says it to me.....it's like she wants me to be grateful to her aa I reject some of her ideas that can harm her........ is caring about a girl when u r a boy....requesting her weird ideas that can actually cause her harm....saying her to do which is right for her ...... is it bad? does independence for a girl means she can do what she feels like without thinking that something can actually harm her? does independence mean letting her to get exposed to alcohol, porn, drunkard, fake people and not say her that can actually harm her?......I don't ever say her to not to talk with a person who is right in attitude and knows to respect people....

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