I fed off, want to live alone, Now ve no patience to tolerate hard words.
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I jarred for 21 years. I did all my duties.Evevn quit job as my mother in not want. I became a simple housewife. I had a love marriage. .But my husband is a mama's boy kind. From 2 sister in law my younger sister in law is very quarrelsome. my husband and mother in rather listened to her false argument. some time I feel very lonely. my mother in law died in 2017. my younger sister in law married in 2015. As quarrelsome she had issues with her husband.So most of time she used to stay with us and argued with petty issues. I ve numerous problem, coz a clott. She drove scooter 12 yrs ago.And Fell down from scooter. When doctor said all coz of scooter accident, but my mother in law and all members denied. Though my husband knew everything. Now my daughter is in MBBS,my son in 12th board. As usual, I take care of everything. But when coz of high power medicine If at last tell something to my sister in law, my husband blamed me of everything. And he doesn't love me. sometimes

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