got rolled up by emotions
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i feel kind a trapped by my own emotion.. i have a boyfriend I'm so much love with him... he helped me in very bad situations... but after that tragedy i just changed... i was so active and social butterfly now I don't talk that much and an introvert.. then years passed.. now I'm always in home. it's okay here everything is good and happy but still I'm not that happy. he don't let me to do things. but it's okay.. even if i want to something it should be with him.. cause i feel happy with him.. he is good like he visits me and we have fun... but... he have other things like business and all.. that time i feel lonely idk what i want.. i cannot go outside... first thing he started to worry or don't let me.. either i don't have much fun without him.. but I'm stuck here.. i want to talk with other people but it's kinda feels like I'm cheating ... feels lonely tbh

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