I'm so selfish
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I'm so tired of myself ... everytime something went wrong i somehow managed because i was in delusion that I'm a good person but reality hit me hard when my inner demon finnally met me ..I'm the worst person ever seen i am such a selfish lizard , chameleon snake etc and i really am but I'm to scared to hate myself . I over react at things get angry easily for no reason that wasn't a trouble until in anger i again lashed out although i was completely fine i lashed out suddenly and revealed my mom's secret like not literally but partially and now i realise how horrible person i am ..i have always given them pain so sick of myself this isn't the first time me misbehaving but i guess i went to far without any reason i..i love them a lot but i don't wanna explain now cuz this is what I deserve ..why am I such a demon ?? why do i have a heart which doesn't love anyone else ..i don't wanna be selfish but i guess

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