I think I have GAD(Generalized Anxiety Disorder)
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With or without reason I suddenly got anxiety attack. It often goes suddenly without any reason. I always feel the burning inside me and my palms are so sweating. I tried listening to some tips like take a break, meditate, focus on one thing. But during these practices I still feel this tension in me, my mind can't focus and goes blank during those practices it just come and goes. I tried taking a break that I think it helps but it got the whole day or 2 and I can't manage to ease. I just don't know. In school I got anxiety attack because of some math problem that I mistakenly solved sometimes that's the reason and sometime not. It just goes. I've wanted to talk to a psychiatrist about my mental health but due to my relative's experience it's very expensive. I'm trying my best to maintain while I'm having this tension daily. I'm having troubles of sleeping too. I do feel like I'm tired and sleepy but can't put myself to sleep. This experience, I felt myself so worthless and useless.

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