in a relationship with a married man who is not responding now, experiencing anxiety because of that
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Hey, Anshi here. I was in relationship with a married guy since last 11 years. From the first day he told me that he will divorce his wife bcz he loves me and we started talking on phone, for 6 years we were just talking and i was always telling him to divorce her, but he was like I will do. I was just 18 when he proposed me and I was so innocent, unaware of everything. In those 6 years every day he was telling me to meet alone but I was refusing. Then after these many years we got physical. It's been 11 years now still he is not divorcing her, I am telling him every day. He has son also. I love him so so so much, I can't think about living without him. From last 6 days he is not talking to me, his PHN is off. We are in different cities. I tried to talk but failed. I don't understand how he can live without me. I am very depressed, taking anxiety pills every day, can't sleep. And I aslo have some health related problems. He is everything for me, he is my life. What should I do ? I feel so alone and depressed

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