issues with family due to relationship
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I’m 20 year old girl and in a committed relationship for the past 2 years. Everything was fine until my parents found out about my relationship. My boyfriend supports me no matter what. My parents are influenced by my I married maternal uncle. Their problem is the boy’s caste and colour. They said to me openly but to others they say that he’s not a good guy and that the boy’s family has done black magic on me. During this quarantine, I was ripped off from my phone laptop and wasn’t allowed to attend online classes. I had a secret phone with me which my boyfriend bought and which I used to keep in my bra and sleep at night. I was beaten up brutally by my maternal uncle for more than 6times in these 8months. During the month of August I was beaten up so badly and apparently my maternal uncle bit me on me cheek and tried to kill me. My boyfriend sensed something was wrong and called the police. They filed a csr copy and warned my parents and left me home. But still I wasn’t allowed to go out or provided with phone and wasn’t allowed to attend classes. During December I decided if I stay longer there I would become mad and informed my parents and left home legally. My paternal family supports me and my boyfriend’s family supports me. Something still haunts me and affects me. I feel I’m not normal. Though I have found a way to continue my studies, something is still bothering me and I can’t fix it. I’m being paranoid on everybody. Sometimes I feel to die. Sometimes I feel to run away from the situation because my boyfriend’s family has lot of expectations but I’m afraid I can’t fulfill it. I feel insecure about myself. I have all kinds of doubt on everyone. I fear my maternal uncle has done black magic on me. Because he said that he will make seperate us within his us within a month. But it’s more than 2months since I left home. Can someone please help me? Tell me what’s going on inside me. Please!!

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