loss of family member and one sided attraction
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i lost my dad 6 months back now all i have is my mother snd brother who lives in a different vity with his wife, i feel so lonely at times.... also girl i am truky in love with has kept me as a fall back option, she gives me attention when her boyfriend is not available, one day she is all over me telling me how nice i am and the other dayvshe is like i am missing my boyfriend, all these things have forced me to believe that i 'll be alone all my life , i've never had a person who'll be around gor me what i mean is that there presence should be for me and no one elese or notvfor anyother event and that is haunting me like anything because no one has ever actually gone out of the way to do something for me, and i am the one whon is ready to take bullet forvthe people i care about( not even kidding)

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