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I used to be confident but now I am 24 years old with no confidence. Everyone around me have good careers but I never had a job. I am too nervous to go out there. I am studying to be a teacher and now it's almost finished and I have to apply for jobs at school but I am nevous if they will judge me that why didn't I have any experience . I have been depressed for 2 years . I am nervous of interview that's why I didn't sit for interviews after my graduation. Now my teaching course is also almost over I don't know what to do.Moreover I can sense my father is disappointed in me because in my school years I was a bright and confident student and all his friends children have such good job even those younger than me .And I am just wasting my time I feel. I don't have much friends . I can't share with anyone how I feel and I am tensed 24 hours a day. I feel like I will never ever get a job. I don't know how people do it.

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