Low self esteem and body image issue
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Hello I'm in my mid twenties, a successful engineer, but my lean body structure makes me look like a school kid, due to which I'm mostly disrespected and shouted at in public places. A few days back 2 elderly ladies violently pushed me as I got in their way. A man was beating up a puppy and when I politely asked him not to do so, he disrespected me in public. Many relatives and cousins also body shame me and ask me to eat properly. Hearing all this on a regular basis and being disrespected regardless of my educational background is lowering my morale and self esteem. I have no one to defend me, as my parents suggest me not to raise my voice. How do I overcome this? I feel everybody deserves to be respected despite of their age or bodily structure/weight. Why do I have to state my age and qualifications to demand respect?

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