low self worth and trust issues
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I am having self trust issues and self worth issues.... I feel like I dont know exactly what kind of personality I have... I feel I am selfish... I feel hopeless... I feel I dont deserve love because I dont reciprocate it... I was I NV a relationship and it was going well but gradually I started having self doubt issues.. I second guess my thoughts nd I am scared to be in a relationship now... I was in depression and even had suicidal thoughts because I feel that I wont be able to be a good person, a good daughter and a loyal friend or a girlfriend... I broke up with my boyfriend and have issues with my friends.... I feel like I am selfish and attention seeking... My biggest fear is losing myself and currently I am going through a lot.... I need few but loyal people around me for whom I would do anything in life.... I need help, I feel I am losing everything... I dont feel good about myself...

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