not trustable partner causing stress in relationship
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MY girlfriend and I met almost two and a half years ago. we've been dating since then but after the first year of our relationship she moved to another city I've always supported her no matter what but a lot of things have changed. I know that change us the only constant thing but I don't know if it's good change or bad because we've grown so much together we've helped each other mentally and emotionally. we do love each other but after she moved out she cheated on me thrice but she only consider it as twice. It's been a year since it all happened. I had my first semester exams going on while all of this happened and as soon as I found out about the first time I booked my tickets to meet her but I had to wait for almost 20 days before I could go cause I couldn't miss these exams and within the spam of 20 days I got cheated on twice again. She's over it and we've never been able to talk about it properly cause she doesn't like it nor does she let me talk to those people. The worst part is that the people she cheated on my with are still her friends. All of them are very close and spend days and nights in each others rented flats. I hate their group I hate everybody. I hate that city. This has had a huge impact on my mental health even though it's been a year I still get nightmares about this.

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