Oh dear boy what did you do to me
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Im not good in writing my feelings but for the past year I feel like this one guy I love with my whole heart uses me . We don't date but he likes or liked me for 8 or more month's straight and I liked him since I first saw him . We are great friends actually. But When He asks me out I say no for some weird reason , but to be honest his sister is my best friend. And everytime I go visit my bestfriend , I CAN'T help myself ,I don't have the guts to tel this boy stop kissing me or you know , I continue what he started , we kiss we cuddle we watch stars everything I ever Imagine with a boy , but he's Friends bully him when his with me and he treats me different around his friends😭But the worst thing ever was when he told me he doesn't trust me , he trust his 2 Best Friends more one of them Is my best boy friend the other one is a backstabbing asshole sorry for the words but I get mad and sad when I think about him , Honestly I don't know what he did to my little heart🥺

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