one sided feeling in a friendship
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It's been almost 4 days ...I and my best friend was so close our friendship was at peak level we enjoyed happily together only by roaming around and eating...Dec 31 he tried to get close to me ...but I ignored and left.. But he is a guy who does whatever I want ,he loves to see me while eating he did so many many many good things to me and have helped me in my tough situation.And I can understand him very well his mind was already down so that's why he tried to get close..and he didn't Accept what he did.. and I hurted him through conversation after 2 days and then I uninstalled WhatsApp ,and again on Jan 4 yesterday .I messaged him we both had a conversation,he felt sad for what he did he hate himself for doing that. And he told me that he don't want any Friendship with me and nobody ...we had a emotional conversations and We just ended he said past two days he is also Feeling down he didn't go out and we both are not feeling good .. these conversations was yesterday....but I didn't sleep , throat feels heavy... because I don't want to lose this friendship , I'm ready to make things normal ,so I planned today to go straight away to the place where he stays but it's raining heavily so I have to suffer more hours ,it's aching what to do i call him santa 🥺❤️ you will understand With that name ! GIVE ME A SOLUTION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE I WANT TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT

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