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these are the thoughts comes in my mind for my ex boyfriend - Bk I wish you had some knowledge of psychology/mental health so that you'll know that it's not a drama of MENTAL HEALTH as you mentioned fir tum mentally bimar ho gayi do you really think so ? That I'm faking it do you even know how much stress I had been through how many panic/anxiety attacks were there how awful I felt at that time still I'm not able to sleep normally I need that weightless song to sleep so that I won't overthinking about my life situations i wish you ever tried to understand me I think there was no fault of yours because you were like this only from the starting that was me who kept fighting for us, kept making efforts, kept begging you and the moment I stopped caring about this all ends and this is how we are now don't have anything to talk and still I think you wanna tag me with your name so that you won't lose me but how can I tell you bk you already lost me the day you left me in pieces

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