post-partum depression
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im new mom 9 weeks post partum. after my delivary still im experencing wierd health issue which is not common. im not able to pass complte motion wich is in normal consistency at once. its taking me 4 to 5 times every 2 hrs from morning to afternoon daily. some times till night. whole day i experice discomfort. i feel like i have to poop 24/7 from many days. i dont know how long i have to face it. i also got 1 inch thick lump which is geting out of my anus when i poop n i have to push it in after i poop. thats not hemaroid. because it not paining or non bleeding and not reducing. dont know what it is. should i bare all this my life time. what is my problem. these r not common postpartum sympotms. i feel so depressed. unable to concentrate on day to day activites. my family is not being supportive n they are blaming me i suffering for nothing. i consulted 3 good gastro doctors. they told its not serious problem n gave me some probiotcs n stool softner. but they r not showing any improvement. i feel hopless n helpless. i feel i need some help. whats happening with me. n y im feeling like this.

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