postpartum depression
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Post c section 11 weeks, till now everyone will feel everything normal, both physically n emotionally. I still feel not good. I have many moderate health issues which bothering me lot from my delivery. The thing bothering me more among all those is I feeling like I have to pass motion whole day even after passing motion. I feel uneasy whole day. There are many other thing may be they r all inter linked. Visted many doctors. All said it's nothing, It just because u. stressed. But I think it's not because of stress. I'm having acutal physcal problem. I'm stressing because of this problem. Or may be it's because of my stress. I'm trying to reduce my stress and over thinking. But I'm not able to doing it. But still I will try to get nromal. I don't know why am I thinking like this. Many told I may having postarum depression. I tried counselling for expersts n family. But had only little effect. I don't know how many more days I will be like this. I want to be normal and happy like all other moms. I will try to get normal. I will try hard mentally to don't over think. Hope my all physical n mental issues get cleared. U all pray for me. Give me support that I can do it. U understand me.

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