problem in relationship due to cheating partner
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Hey.. I’ve met this guy on tinder, and we met after 7 months things got really serious, we could not meet gives he was on sea. So when he came back he met me and it was all good. It’s been 2 years now. It’s a long distance relationship. He asked me to come to Delhi I met him. Later after 2-3 months when I took his password I got to know the day I left Delhi he cheated on me that day. And after that also he cheated multiple times. Now my both our parents our involved. They know about us. I’m kind of frustrated and very lost and depressed at this point. I am in love with him I’ve done so much for him. When I breakup he says he lovesme can’t stay without me and at the end cheats on me. I love him I want him to change but he hasn’t changed anymore what should I do ? And it’s not even like he doesn’t care about me or anything he has been with me through everything we faced worst problems together but one thing is he cheats and when I confront he lies about it and he hasn’t.

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