problems with parents and attempted suicide
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Iam 18 years old. I have many problems with my parents.. My parents did not allow me to study with my best friend. That caused a lot of problem and I tried suicide. That again made things worse.. My mom called my best friends mom and quarrelled with them. All those was a big fight and now I am not allowed to meet my friend or even talk with her. But I am in the same college where she is. But my parents doesn't know that I am friends with her.. They never allow me to even call her or talk.. I do everything in secret.. Now.. Because of this problem.. I meet her secretly.. I chat with her secretly.. Everything is a secret.. There are fights between me and my friend as I cat spend time with her during these holidays as my parents are at home.. Her birthday is on Nov 1 and I don't even know if I can meet her.. I can't go shopping with her.. Meet her.. I can't even call her.. She is so tired of all these.. Even I am tired too.. I experience anxiety every time I meet her.. Because I fear if my parents will find out.. I can't breathe at that time.. I feel dizzy.. I don't know what to do.. How should I solve all these problems.. How can I experience a normal life as all others of my age have..

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