recent breakup and wrong choice of partner
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I was in a toxic relationship so many fights we had i explained him that how i feel when you get angry on the smallest thing he understands it for a while but when he gets anger, the fights, bad words, blocking comes again. In between I get attracted towards my best friend and we started dating. and i was so happy with him we barely face bad time and if we're angry on eachother, we sit and talk and sort it out. And then my boyfriend got know that im in another relationship so he called my bestfriend (boyfriend) and they both made me choose between them. i was literally so depressed that whom i choose i cant live without both i made my own love triangle. At the end i chose my toxic boyfriend i dont know why and when i realised, that was too late. I've lost my bestfriend, happiness, love everything and then i broke up with him yesterday. I want to go with my bestfriend again but he's not trusting me anymore. That was all my fault :(

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