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Hi everyone, hope you guys are safe n healthy. I'm a student n usually I'm a carefree one, life was okay and constant until my the qurantine added more weight to my exams, I say so cuz I feel like I'm one of those students whose mental health got affected cuz of the situation, I've been holding all my thoughts, problems, worries, and everything inside myself, it's hard and it hurts, and on top of that lately I find myself very sensitive. I constantly try to find someone suitable to talk my mind but I don't have anyone except my god, but you know it'll be nice for once to have someone you can openly talk and cry, I don't mind going to a psychologist or a therapist but the problem is will my parents take my situation srsly and even try to support me, or will the just console me and say it's nothing srs just relax, u got this, just do your best. Those encouraging words don't really work cuz deep down I know I haven't worked enough, I missed some lessons and notes, I have more to say.....

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