Sourashi--What I did was nothing compared to what they are doing and watching .
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I know a few people and who put cameras in my house/washroom or something and took videos , I know he/they shared them . I don't know what to do . I know who did it . There is something going on about me I keep asking people and they deny it . Things they say about me are private no one knows them . I know they are still doing it . Sometimes I feel like I can fight them and do it and sometimes I cant move . I know there are videos of me out there in the shower and so . I know he/they came and told the people in my locality wrong stuff about my character , hacked me and shared my private stuff , everyone keeps on telling me I am wrong , I did wrong in the beginning I hurt someone . But what they are doing is evil. They are disgusting , they are doing evil stuff and finding ways to put it all on me . Right now I dont have a job , I should put my concentration there but I cant knowing this. people keep honking when they drive past my place,in washroom. They're bored and ruining my life

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