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It is strange how we feel lonely with having so many ppl around we are not able talk our heart out with our friends or family.. sometimes it's easy to be around strangers and talk ur heart out with them 'cause they won't judge u they understand maybe because they have been through it..i understand the feeling of loneliness even though I'm not much older but i know how it feel to always be there for everyone but not having anyone for urself i know how it feels when ppl say u need to understand,but why I need to understand why can't they for once understand, having a grp of friends who love u with all their heart and having a family who loves u and adores u is good but sometimes we need understanding of ppl not their love we need them to understand that we can't be always be there for them sometimes we need to be ourselves too. and loving urself and prioritising urself before others is NOT being SELFISH. idk why but it became so hard for me to rely on anyone but still it's Ok

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