Stressed about life, bestfriend and weight
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Hey everyone I am new to this app and I would really appreciate any advice or help possible. I struggle with anger issues and with my weight; I really want to lose the weight but I’m finding it really hard to lose the weight. I am constantly stressed up and always overthinking, I often get a lot of different emotions on a daily basis even though it’s very difficult I really don’t think or want to say I am depressed. But it was not always this way, well when I started high school I always told myself that I have to fit in even though I was very shy but I was somehow always smiling eventually I fit in a group of about 15-20 persons including my bestfriend for while I thought we were going to stay friends for a long time and eventually I was no longer that shy girl but one who was always in trouble most of the time with that group. I started drinking heavily and at some point the group separated but i still had my bestfriend even though let’s say we were kinda suicidal we stuck around and helped each other, he saved me more time than he even know and he said I did the save for him and for years he was my only friend he was and is my anchor to this world, me and my entire family loves him, But it all slowing started to change and even more now that we finished school. He now has a group of friends and a girlfriend and I’m happy for him but I really misses him everyday each day more than the next and for more than 6 years of us being bestfriends honestly I don’t know even know who I’m I to him. So currently It’s me alone, most day I just lay in bed and others I stress eat or not eat at all and honestly dealing with everything on my own is really hard and now i have decided that I need to work on me to get better as a small step towards a better future for me I have decided to go out there and get more qualification so I can find a well paid job so tomorrow I will be starting classes to receive a diploma in Advance Microcomputer studies and also decide to come here and seek help so I anyone it reading this I would appreciate your help.

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