stressed because of husband's addiction and it's negative impact on relationship
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i am 30 years old. 7 years back we had love marriage. all was good for 1-2 years but after that my husband became drugs addicted. after that he start abusing me ignoring me even shak karne lag gaye. i was not allowed to go out alone talk to my friends. even if i go to market with my sister or saty at my mother's place he did video call to check out where i am and with i am. we have a son of 5 years. when he abused me in front of my son it affects my son also. now we had admitted him in a de addiction center. for the first month i was very positive that all will be alright but suddenly i feel anxious and stressed...can't be able to do my routine work even can't focus on my son...i am getting irritated even if anyone in my family wants to talk to me..... i had a fear in me what if he hasn't stop all this thing...what will be the future of my son...what if he starts hating me for sending him de-addiction center.... at some point of time i feel that its better to end up at once than tolerate all this stuff in life... center official said that he is much attached to me... then y he did all this....:')

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