stressful because of boyfriend's psychological health
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I am at a weird state with my boyfriend. Ive been with him for not a very long time but we both fell deeply in love with each other. As of late. I've been having a lot of quarrels with him and I've doubted his love. He is not in a good place and I've disregarded it must times. It has hurt him as well. He suffers from bipolar, PTSD and anxiety. We are on a break for now but I feel like I am losing him. It's killing me from within because he's helped me so much, mentally and I do not want to lose him. What do I do. Whatever I say doesn't budge his cold behavior. He has also asked me to take it slow as he felt like we had rushed in this. Earlier he had said that we connected so well that it made sense in our relationship. This broke me. What about all the memories we made. All our dreams. I don't understand anything. I'm not able to focus anywhere else. I don't know. I don't want to lose him. Please help me.

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