struggling and not being able to seek help because of the taboo related to mental health
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Being from the Caribbean, mental health is very taboo no one wants their child to end up in therapy or what the old folks like to call the "mad house" no onw wants the neighbour to call their child crazy and out of their minds being black also is part of that struggle. Black people in general have been struggling for years and years on end and as a black person a black youth, female to be exact if i were to mention my struggles i am immediately shut down and told my struggles are minor i want to get help but i don't know how to ask for it i am a very happy person but i feel and see myself slipping away and falling into this black hole and i feek it everyday and i don't like it knowing that i could be something but i can't say something is killing me inside...i have no idea what to do..H.E.L.P

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