Student Stress and Finals
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Hi- I'm a new user, just found this app because I really needed to vent. Today, the topics for my subjects have been posted. I went through them and I felt hopeless... I have 11 subjects and each subject had more than 20 topics! I felt angry and I still do- But there's an overwhelming feeling of stress and hopelessness. I complained about it to my mother, but she said that I shouldn't worry since those were topics that I've already learnt and that the teachers would revise those. But that didn't ease me at all... Even though I've learnt those topics, even though the teachers will revise those- What about the subjects I'm struggling in? This term's grade takes a 50% part of my final grade Mom! What's worst is that I seem to have no motivation to study and I'm always feeling sluggish. I thought about my condition right now and just ended up in tears. I don't know how to manage all of this, everything is just a blur-

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