suicide attempt and anxiety attacks because of relationship
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i am having suicidal thoughts every other day..... I was broken 3 yrs ago. My ex was quite depressed ..I tried helping him... he used to call me n scold me every day...i never said anything to him...i was very depressed i used to cry every day...then ibroke up with him coz it was harminh me n my studies..moreover coz of his constant mental torture..there was no feeling left in me for him.. luckily i got my present boyfriend who helped me cope with it..he loves me n cares for me...but slowly this relationship too turned into a toxic one...we love each other very much.. we have been trying to fix it..but we are not able to do so..coz my condition is getting worst day by day..i get anxiety attacks...almost every day i cry...i get suicidal thoughts.. i scold him..i feel he doesnot care for me even though i know he does.i dont knw wht to do..pleasw help ne. i trying attempting suicide last night

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