Symptoms of depression
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I am not able to sleep for 2 days. I feel very insecure and uncomfortable. I am crying everyday. I have lost interest in everything. Almost for a year I am having a hard time coping with myself. I don't smile much. Sadness has become so addictive. I am afraid of short term happiness. I don't have appetite. I can't sleep at night. I am scared all the time. It's like something stuck at my chest. I am not able to concentrate on studies. Whenever someone talks I can't concentrate on them. I want to listen but it's like I go to another world. Then suddenly I realize that I didn't listen what they are talking to me. I am also afraid of boys at my age. Actually I didn't talk much with boys. I also went to girls school. So I feel very insecure around them. I don't have any wantings even more. My life is destroying before my eyes but I am not able to do anything. What to do now I am tired.

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