unable to cope with a break up
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Me and my boyfriend know each other since 1.8 years and its almost 8 months we are in relationship. My family and his family knew about our relation. Being from same caste they had no problem here. However, my dad was not ok as my bf was not settled and he had less salary. As soon as my dad told me that he wants bussinessman or probably some good earning person, i told this all to my bf being loyal. At that time before corona, he told me he wil go abroad and do something amd he wil make it happen but he requires atleast 2 years. I told my parents that he wants atleast 2 years and they did agree. Everything was going smoothly. Suddenly 1 day during this lockdown, one of my relative, got me one rishta. That guy was well settled, businessman and good family, all things as per my dad. My parents told me about this rishta and said that they have asked for my kundali. I told all this to my bf. Before sending Kundali also i told him. I dont know what to do but dad is behind me. I dont want this but dad is forcing me. I cried alot on call that time. He understood my situation that time and told me to tel my parrnts to send patrika. I was fighting with my parents that i dont want. Plz dont send but they convinced me that by jst sending kundali nothing wil happen, it should match as well. After that lot of rituals are also there, theres nothing concluded now. So then my parents sent my kundali. My bf knew about this as i told him. Its been month and we are praying to god that this kundali should not match. Suddenly one day after a month, they called and said kundali is matching. I was first only sad full month fighting with my dad but thankfully that time my bf was calming me down and he was supporting me. I was crying full day and i cannot hide anything from my bf. I told him that day about this kundali match. He got very depressed that night. We talked and i told him that my dad is crying infront of me and begging me to marry that guy if suppose they yes. I told this also to my bf. I was cryinf on call and told him that if they say yes than just for my dad i wil hv to marry that guy even if i dont want. He knew that i m forced by my dad. I told my bf that still there are hopes bcz more rituals are still there. Gods prasad and they did not see me in person only my pic. There are chances. But if after all this they say yes, jst for my dad i hav to marry him. The next day, i got a call from my bf morning, saying he is breaking up with me. He said that i user him. Inspite of knowing that my dad wants businessman i came close to him he said this and many stuffs and he just breakup with me. I cudnt stop him bcz if that other guy said yes than for dad i wil hv to marry him and that time my bf wud feel more bad so i cudnt stop him. I was going on crying. I told my parents he broke up. I was trying ro convince my dad. He was crying infront of me. Next day, i called my bf to know how he is. I was missing him badly. I told him that i called to know how he is. I got scared that he might hurt himself. so i told hik plz tell ur family about all this. I m getting scared that u might do something. I cud feel his pain that time but i cudnt help. I was happy to hear his voice. The next day morning went crying, i dint know what to do. My mom told me to tell my other relatives. I told my uncle, aunty about all this. They convinced my father and then my dad got convinced and we rejected that rishta telling that i m not ready for it. The next morning. I was trying to call my bf to tell him that i rejected that rishta and i am all urs. This was the third day i guess after breakup. Go to see, my bf had blocked me everywr insta fb, whatsap, calls also. I was trying to contact him from difft nos but he dint receive. Then i called his sister. I told her everything that i rejected that rishta and convinced my fam. She instead of listening to me , she said that go away he is moved on. I said plz listen i was pressed by my dad. But now evrything is fine , i rejected that rishta and i convinced every1. She said its too late. he is moved on. I cudnt belive this. Then my mom, uncle, aunt, me, we all went to my bf house to convince him and his family. My family and my mom had actually come to.his house to fix our marriage , i was soo happy when traveling to his house thinking we wil now get married. We reached there. My bf opened the door. He saw me at the door and my family too. He told his father from the door that I came. His father came to the door and without even asking we all came jst asked to leave. My aunt tried to tel him something. He said shutup and asked to leave. I called my bf name twice, he said now nothing is left, go nothing more. And his father closed the door on our face. We waited for a while but they dint open. His father angrily said better leave or else he wil show his anger. So we all left. After all this, I still tried to contact him next day. But he had blocked my calls. I went in depression. I was trying to be fine but i cudnt. After a week I tried to contact him again but still blocked. I send him multiple sms dont know if that reached him. Made another account on fb and sent him request , he blocked there. I sent him emails as well. Sending him emails and sns till now. Dont know if they are reaching him or not. Please tell me what was my mistake? Being loyal to him was my mistake? I thot he wil support me and i cannot hide anything from him. So i told him everything. Probably if i dint tell him anything. He wud b there with me now. Please advice me what to do in this case. Shall i wait for him? Can i keep hopes from him to come back? I cannot forget him or unlove him. I cannot believe he threw me out that way. Please advice me what shall i do. Please tell me my mistake where was i wrong. Did he do right by behaving that way? A person who really loves never give another chance to their relationship? Plz tell me. My parents are more sad to see me in depression this way.

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