unable to cope with a break up
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I had an eight-year relationship with my boyfriend. Everything was going well, I was happy. Despite difficulties, we even managed our long distance relationship when I went out of my hometown for higher studies. My boyfriend and his family really adored me for how I changed him, made him dedicated to his career, made him a better person. However, his brother and mother forced him to break up with me since I do not belong to their caste. This has hit me badly because I cannot bear whatever he has done with me, whatever rude things he had spelled on me. I had never imagined that this relationship could take such a turn. I have always done good for him. What am I getting in return today? I have started doubting myself. I have a lot of people around me but I still feel lonely. I have started moving on from this, but somehow things said by him hit my mind again and again. I was the one who made him dedicated towards his career and today I feel so shattered because I cannot not focus on my career. All the zeal and enthusiasm inside me had died. I try a lot to focus on my studies, but I cannot. I have always been fearful about my career and was always dedicated to it. At this point of time, I have no inner voice calling out to me to focus and study. I have my exams in few days, but I am not even bothered about the same. I am not even scared as to what if I score less, despite me being a topper, always craving to succeed in all possible ways. The tables have turned, he got dedicated to his career and he left me. I am unable to focus on my career. What can be done in such a situation?

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