unable to get over an ex partner
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I have very sensitive condition, I broke up with a guy two years back but we kept meeting even after breaking up...couldnt never let go one fine day I blocked him and really wanted to move on and downloaded dating apps for distraction started speaking to some guy planned to meet up but when that guy came near me I couldn't feel comfortable I kept pushing him away the only thing was in my mind was my ex so I just told that guy I can't do it anymore. Unfortunately the same day my ex called me and said let's meet and asked me not to block him cuz he just wants to know that he has some connection to check on me. So when we met I really felt good I cried like a baby seeing him as if I was lost and found my family. Unfortunately he wasn't expecting me to be in that condition he thought I have moved on but still I'm stuck in his thoughts. Now it's lock down and we are staying in same house which is very weird, He is drawing line between us cuz he doesn't want to mess up he even confessed he seeing some girls lately and this distance is killing me , it's so formal we don't even talk much I miss the old things he used to do for me. I don't know what am I even expecting from him. But im so hurt cuz he is not showing me any love. I feel like killing myself. Can anyone suggest what is the best way for me to come out of this?

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