Unable to handle emotions
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Hi everyone I'm a teen who's had quite a bad year last year. I started masturbating and using some swear words here and there. But I feel very confused now, because even though these things are normalised by some PPL, I've never seen my family even talk about it. And that makes me constantly feel unaccepted because I can't even talk about the things that dominated an entire year for me. Besides, whenever I do let a swear word slip, my mother looks so horrified as if I've just committed a crime. Is it really that bad? I know I can improve and I'm even trying to improve, but that gets hard when I feel so unaccepted. On top of it, I have a person in my life, I'm literally obsessed with God knows why. And I can't stop thinking about him, which is all one sided. That breaks my heart so badly. And nothing can be done, cause I can't really bear rejection by him. And I can't date him either due to parental restrictions. I don't know what to do. Overall these two things going parallel in my life is way too difficult for me to handle sometimes. Can anybody help

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