unable to have control over emotions
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I have anxiety for trust issues which I got from my past relationship that made me traumatized... Also I have overthink disorder (for my self I will call it disorder) I have no one to talk about my anxiety and my heart talk..I love my family but I can't open up in front of them specially my mother...sometimes I got emotional and anger outburst which my family don't understand and scold me everytime..according to them I am a complicated girl..my ex used to say this.. From my traumatized past relationship I trying to move on ...but I can't find peace now I have a nojor trust issues on my family..I cry in every moment and my head is stuck with pain ..my family does not talk to me now coz yesterday I had a outburst with anger which I threw in my big brother...my mother pissed me very often for that..she does not understand me...now I promised myself that I will never talk to my family about my problems... And noted point..now days my studies are off coz my collage admission will not started yet..so every time I think that when I will be busy for studies I will be okey...but my mental health is pissed off every day What should I do?

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