unable to trust any person because of past relationship
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I broke up with my bf in may and after that I've been experiencing lots of mood swings and issues such as anxiety and all. I m becoming very uninterested in everything. I am unable to focus. I can't wake up after sleeping. I don't want to wake up actually. I don't feel like m hungry. But m smiling and trying to feel like m happy. But something inside me is still bothering me. Idk what it is. I am not trusting any boy out there. I've become a feminist which is a good thing or maybe only. But now I've started hating every boy I've met bcoz all boys want is sex and they sexualize every woman they see. And if we talk to them about sex related matters even they think we are interested. It frustrates me everyday. I don't talk to my parents a lot. M not a talkative person. But I want to talk to someone. Also I've lost almost all my friends and loosing them still. So kind of lonely it is but I like to stay alone. But I want someone to say that I'm good at what m doing ik m not good at anything but i need some motivation to live. Or maybe k just need a pet.

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