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any body here ..who can understand me ....iam really so alone ...I can't let myself be happy .. everytime I find myself unhappy with something ....I can't face this .... mujhe kuch smjh nhi aata ...har jagah mujhe disappointment milti h ... day by day ..mai weak hote ja rhi h ..mai aisi nhi thi .. bahaut strong thi .. hr problem ko face krti thi ..aur kabhi khud ke mental health ko affect nhi hone deti thi .....Jo v tha sab me happy thi ..... enjoy krti thi .. compare kare to meri life abhi hi thik ho sakti thi ...but abhi hi ye ho rha h ... mujhe kuch smjh nhi aa rha ...Mai kyu ausa bebkofo jaise behave kr rhi hu ..pta nhi ...kyu ... mujhe bss pahle jaisa hona h .....

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