vrying spells, anger issues and insomnia
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Hey ! Since childhood i am going through a lot.Till 10th grade I was good in studies and all,but I wanted to get away from my home.I have family issues,like my parents never live happily,they always keep fighting about almost everything and it affected me in really bad way,but it seems like they never tried to understand that thing and even after so many years same thing is happening,I don't understand why r they even living together if they cant tolerate each other.im the youngest one in family and yet I am the most understanding kid,even in childhood my sister and brother used to beat me really bad,one day I even tried to harm myself but instead of understanding the problems they blamed me only.Now I'm almost 23 and still my family is same.this whole thing ruined my belief in family,love,care and all other emotions.thats why I have got anger issues I am almost all the time angry,facing insomnia,crying for little things last year my blood pressure dropped severely and I got admitted in hospital when they informed me about the problems going on in home.i tried to tell them that saying how much I am getting affected but they said they have more bigger problems to solve.I feel so terrible and lonely,i don't know what to do.

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