What's wrong with me.... I know I want big but....
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From the lockdown period, it's like I have became *too* calm. I rarely care about anything. It feels like I have subconsciously given up on everything. One moment I feel regret but once that moment is over, I am back to being careless and let myself indulge in distractions. I hadn't done anything, not even touched my books once(in online teachings), I didn't even know the chapter names....During my pre-board exams, I knew that I should study and I keep thinking about it but I didn't. I started reading about 4am on the exam day sometimes just while going to the exam hall from home.You can guess what happened. I have been one of the toppers till my ninth class but suddenly I barely passed in tenth. Then boards got canceled.(early 2021) now my twelfth is about to end nd I don't know anything about 11or12. I daily think I'll start to study from tomorrow but I just can't.tomorrow again is my phy exam and I don't even know the basics but I am still not stressed WHY I JUST DON'T CARE?

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