I'm so confused about this situation and want your advice/help.
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I'm scared of my future wife/gf because in my religion i can't touch a woman who's not mine (not my wife) and she can't wear crop tops or bikini she has to dress respectfully so i get confused will that make them safer or not because some girls all they look for is sex and i will not be able to even touch her. me personally I'm quite ripped i go to the gym and have a good physic curly hair with cars and a nice house so i can take care of her in all sorts of ways but do you think if i told her that i can't touch her because of religious purposes but I'll vist het parents and take good care of her she will respect my boundaries and be loyal and stay with me or she would stay with me bec. of the money and just have sex with another guy I'm genuinely worried about that because nowadays everyone cheats.

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