Misunderstanding in relationship
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I sleep with my boyfriend, on call, everyday. One day, i told him that I'd call him like really late because i had an exam the next day. I studied the entire day. And called him at 2 in the night. The call woke him up, he put his earphones on and we tried to sleep. The next min, he starts talking about how unsafe he was. I was totally confused. I think he was sleep talking. He called my name out and said " Someone's coming for Anna. I want to be there for her. I want to protect her." There were rumours saying that anna like my boyfriend and they spent time talking to each other. I mean.... I didn't care about the rumours. But that what he said, made me all sad. I felt disgusting. I hung up. He kept calling me after that. But those words were still in my head and i could still hear the way he said it. It was like he was scared. I am confused. Should i end this relationship?

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