Social anxiety
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How to overcome social anxiety. I am extremely uncomfortable around people. I want to talk with them but I can't. I feel very insecure all the time around people. I have only one friend. I interact with her more. I avoid talking to people. I feel they are judging me or I will do some foolishness while talking to them. This will hurt my pride. It's really so stuffy here. I feel very uneasy all the time because of this problem. I am not able to concentrate on studies. I want to get rid of my life. I am always afraid of their judgment. I don't want to live like this. It's so hard to survive while having this. Everybody will recommend me to be open minded. But living like this has become my habit. I even feel insecure after writing here if anybody will judge me. But I am so frustrated. I just want to change but can't. Why this life is so hard?

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