unsure about sexual orientation and ocd
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Hey Sir/ Ma'am. I don't know what is happening with me, is it even a OCD or what? But i find it very problematic. So,i mistakenly watched a series named "The married woman" 3 weeks ago and since then i'm having thoughts that i'm attracted to women because that series is all about lesbian,pansexual etc.Although i don't feel any attraction towards women, still the thought that "kya pta mai attracted hu or mujhe nhi pta lag rha hai". So,this is causing headache and alot of stress. Also, Sometimes if i see a beautiful woman, i think that her hair is beautiful,her jeans is pretty. Mujhe b chaiye esi. Something like that. And i like a boy still this thought continuously popping in my mind. •Also i do such things, jese is waterbottle ka face samne hona chaiye, agr door close karna ho to ekdum se thought aata hai ki ek bar firse karna hai, so i open it and then close it again. •Sometimes if i'm washing clothes, or vo thoda sa bhi khi touch ho jaye,then i wash it again. Please help if it is possible.

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