iAmEars: Safe place to speak your heart and get community support
Pour your Heart
out and feel free now

Your very own anonymous community to express the highs and lows of your life without the fear of judgment

Your safe space to express without fear

Going through a rough patch? Bad day at the office? Grieving over a lost someone? Something weighing you down? Talk to your community without the fear of being judged


Listening Circles

Talk, Vent and Express. Share with the Community

Something bothering you? Disturbing your mental peace? Find support groups and members experiencing something similar. Share in the presence of an expert

Express Wall

Post your highs and lows without fear

Not comfortable talking? IAmEars is your canvas. Let the feelings flow through your keyboard. Allow the community and our experts to help you solve the riddles of your life.


Self Test

Know and understand yourself better

Understand how well you are coping with your everyday life with regular tests. This gives you a visualization of why and what is restraining you from performing optimally in all walks of life

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